Thursday, December 12, 2013

Welcome to Our Bar

Downtown Fargo, ND
For the longest time (roughly 10 years) I have thought about owning a bar.  I think this is a common dream for a lot of college guys with a large group of friends, who think it would be cool to have a "place of their own".  Fargo had a pretty great bar scene, as has Pittsburgh, Ann Arbor, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Chicago and some of the other places we have lived in.

As we went through college, and after when a few of us moved to different cities and states, we kept notes periodically of bars we liked, layouts, what worked, what didn't, names, etc. until we had a very large word document full of random ideas for our bar.

Originally, many of us gravitated toward a business-casual sports bar/club, but during a brainstorming session around a pool in Las Vegas, after a late night bachelor party, the idea of how to be unique came up, and the light bulb went on...a non-profit bar, where net profit would go to local charities.

Naturally, like all good ideas, someone has already done it.  So to the internet I turned searching for a non-profit bar, and sure enough, I found the Oregon Public House in Portland, OR.  They weren't open yet, and they were going to be the first one in the world.  I got excited.  Even though we weren't first, we were pretty damn close.

Oregon Public House - Portland, OR

This blog is intended to detail the process of how we plan on starting up our own non-profit bar, following the Oregon Public House "model".  We might succeed, we might fail, but it will all be detailed here.

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